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When You Have Those Feelings...

|Includes: C, CTCM, RIG, Seadrill Limited (New) (SDRL)

From time to time it happens to me, this feeling of "How i brought it on myself". It's not an easy feeling but I've learned to live with it.

Current status: -29% from the top. And the top was 2 month ago, when i claimed to myself that i cannot find a new investment which correspond my specifications, but i still believe i have the right issues at my portfolio. At the same time I've added SDRL and RIG and more stocks of CTCM. From investor who has C stock for almost 30% of his portfolio i become leveraged, probably by LOW PB and PE of those stocks.

I have to admit- I didn't check the oil price while getting into the stocks. I just like the numbers at the reports. The valuations.

So what is the feeling I'm talking about? The feeling is "How i wish". How i wish the cover is soon to come. That new falling isn't soon. How i wish that my mistake not going to cost me once i sell the stocks. Since i still believe a recovery should happened, i hold them. Meanwhile, i leveraged my portfolio by 16%. With those issues:

Symbol SUM % Of all
SDRL 31,933 22.35%
Africa Bond 24,300 17.00%
CTCM 22,675 15.87%
C 20,996 14.69%
Tower agach 6 20,559 14.39%
IBM 19,984 13.98%
RIG 11,120 7.78%
Tower agach 4 8,160 5.71%
PBR 3,175 2.22%
BCLI 3,107 2.17%
RIG call 16 Jun 15 158 0.11%

Since i don't believe in wishes, i have to put my confident my investigation, to believe i did it right. So the answer is that "yes" i believe, but, a new thought come to mind- i will never be a great investor. (last year i did 30%...) and i can stop reading this biography of all the greatest, it worth nothing.

Good luck for all of us.