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Friday Focus: Who Weathered The Sell-Off So Far

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), ANIX, DELL, IDTI, MSFT

Examining stocks that are still strong in the Technology Sector.

Looking at sectors that have not been hit as hard by the sell-off.

Utilizing Trendrating to weather the current market situation.

Pointing out that the market has had a rough couple of days, dropping over 1,300 points from Wednesday to Thursday, is probably an understatement. However, using Trendrating can provide insight into which pockets of the market are being the most and least hit by this most recent sell off. The technology sector, which is making most of the headlines, is being the hardest hit. Using Trendrating’s ranking tool, it clearly shows out of the top quintile of technology securities, only 5 would still be considered strong buys with a retracement under 10%.





Apple (AAPL)




Integrated Device Technology (IDTI)




Dell Technologies (DVMT)




Microsoft (MSFT)




Anixa Bioscience (ANIX)




As the chart above shows, even though there are still strong buys within the technology sector, their smart momentum score have definitely fallen over the last few days. Two sectors that have not been hit as hard are the Utilities and Financial sectors. The Utilities sector only has one security in the first quintile that has had a retracement of over 10%, when using Trendrating’s ranking tool. In the Financial sector, the top 27 securities have a retracement under 10% and a strong smart momentum score. Therefore, even though it looks like the market as a whole is taking a hit, there are still pockets the market with opportunities to buy.

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