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President Obama's Economic Miracle

Within less then 3 months after the Obama administration took the reins of our country he managed to turn the stock market around and it has been heading north ever since.

He did this simply by restoring hope in the country's direction by stabilizing financial system which had been in total chaos and heading into a deep depression caused by mismanagement of the previous administration.

One of the main components that determines the direction of the stock market is seeing hope in the future, whether it be a single stock or the whole market or the whole country.

Even though the housing markets were still crashing and the banking industry was in turmoil and the jobless rate was increasing, the financial investor wizards realized that the Obama administration’s strategy was on the right track and began to invest heavily.

The market immediately began turning around and heading higher and it has been doing this ever since much to the chagrin of the of many who missed the turnaround.
Whatever, this was a great time to invest and it was only the financial wizards who liked what they saw and profited from it..

The rise in the market helped millions of people throughout the country. With the market back on the upswing people’s 401k’s investments stopped falling and began rising again. Pension funds and mutual funds that had lost billions of dollars began recovering some of their loses. It was truly a miracle that Obama’s financial team had accomplished in such a short time. It was just the beginning and we still have a long way to go but it is a start.



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