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Stock Option Investing Newsletter Important Update

Just a quick note regarding the stock option investing newsletter for long-term investors.

On Tuesday, 2/14, we will publish our third newsletter. So far, subscribers have received detailed education on covered calls and using long calls to replicate direct stock ownership. There's more to come on those subjects as well as continued discussion on ITM v. OTM contracts (this week), using puts and executing debit and credit spreads.

Each week, we include model portfolio selections and strategy, speculative plays, ideas on hedging and diversifying, Robert Weinstein's top dividend capture ideas and, starting Tuesday, Bob's trade of the week. From time to time, subscribers also receive a 12-24 hour advance look at a Seeking Alpha article of mine before it goes live on SA.

To this point, every time a new subscriber signs up, we have sent him or her everything we have published to this point, including the first two newsletters. After this weekend, however, when you sign up you will receive what we have published in the last week only. In other words, to receive the first two newsletters and all updates, you'll need to sign up by the end of the day Sunday. From there, in the interest of being fair to charter and existing subscribers, new subscribers only receive the most recent material from the week prior to their signup date.

All new subscribers still receive a free copy of my basic options strategy eBook, which costs $8.99 at Amazon.

For more details or to subscribe, visit this link.

Thank you.