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Options Investing Newsletter Contents, Issue #4, Tuesday Morning

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 2/21), subscribers receive Issue #4 of my stock option investing newsletter.

In it, I detail my philosophy and approach, which focuses on long-term goals, not unrealisitic short-term, empy and outrageous promises. I also review the basic options topics we covered in the first three issues (covered calls, using calls to replicate direct stock ownership and ITM versus OTM calls).

We have several trade ideas in this issue including dividend captures from Robert Weinstein and a few covered call ideas for the week. I also update the speculative ideas from previous issues as well as the model portfolio. That will include a discussion about Canada.

Coming next week: We start to cover puts.

In March: We get into option spreads (by popular demand). We also present what I am calling general-to-specific model portfolios. I talk about this in detail in this week's issue, but, in a nutshell...

No two investors are the same. We all have different time horizons, goals, capital and cash flow. As such, what might make sense as a trade or investment for one person might not make sense for another. These portfolios will help drill down common types of situations and then present a broad example allocation ideas, folllowed by a selection of stocks, ETFs and options you could use to get there.

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