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Option Investing Update, 2/25

Working this weekend on Issue #5 of the stock option investing newsletter. Time zooms. It's been a pretty productive month, as we've focused on covered calls, using call options to replicate direct stock ownership and ITM versus OTM calls in the first three issues. In Issue #4, we pulled it all together in a review.

This week we update the model portfolio and add a new way to seek diversification. It's humming along nicely with one exception (NYSE:AEP). I will address that. I will also have more trade ideas, including several covered calls and an update on a couple of trades we've talked about over the last two weeks that have performed incredibly well -- (NYSEARCA:UCO) and (NYSEARCA:AGQ).

The basic option strategy we cover in Issue #5 is long puts. Beginning in March we get deeper into puts and various types of option spreads.

I feel like we're hitting a nice stride. If you subscribe today, you get the last two issues of the newsletter as well as all still-relevant updates published since day one. There's no-risk. If you do not think it's for you after a month, you cancel. Simple as that.

The material targets long-term investors who want to use options to hedge, generate income, seek growth and speculate in dividend-paying growth portfolios that include a bit of riskier speculation in a sub-compartment or two.

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