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Windows Cool Gadgets Tablets 8: An Alternative To The IPad In Business?

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Microsoft unveiled its own touch pad Windows 8 Gadgets cut for the pros. It has advantages for companies missing from the iPad that analyst firms have well highlighted, while expressing some reservations.

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It is never better served than by oneself: Microsoft decided to make its own tablet , called Surface . It is available in two models, one of which must attract companies.

If the version thought to the general public will run Windows and therefore RT ARM, designed for companies that will use technology from Intel (Ivy Bridge) to, of course, turn the license Windows 8 Pro . The tablet surface devised to professionals may therefore welcome applications running on Windows 7, unlike the other model.

A tablet thought to the pros and Microsoft signed
This is not the only difference. Its Intel will enable it to offer a useful USB 3.0 port. The Pro version will offer twice as much storage space (64 GB or 128), but will also increase: 903 grams, against 652 for the new iPad and 676 for Windows Surface RT . According to the data sheet, the ARM version will integrate Office 2013 RT. But it will not be the case for the pro version of the surface, which does not mention Office in its specifications. A stylus can also accompany this enterprise version.

The two Cool Gadgets models have both a 10.6-inch screen (slightly more than the iPad), and only offer Wi-Fi. They are also equipped with a detachable keyboard gadgets.

Keyboard, stylus, USB or HDMI ... The tablet surface Windows 8 Pro offers cool gadgets free shipping natively useful business missing from the iPad. All assets that could help Microsoft to penetrate the shelf Windows 8 in business . But the best argument for the publisher to impose its product as an alternative to the iPad business is proposed the Windows environment, experienced CIOs and thought for them - two areas where Microsoft stands out largely from Apple.

Impose a standard and push prices down
Moreover, IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo has not failed to note that this tablet "clearly targets companies where Microsoft can justly differentiate Apple and take her market share." For Carolina Milanesi at Gartner, "Surface must also give a sexiness to Microsoft, and prove that the publisher of Windows knows what to do to succeed in the post-PC." The challenge is therefore, according to this analyst, size.

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According to Carolina Milanesi, Microsoft intends to spend OEM partners to better reduce China Electronics Wholesale prices or improve the specification of its equipment. For her, however, the maneuver is less flow of huge volumes of tablets to impose a standard which would allow Redmond "to sell some of them with a good margin," but above "push partners OEM in a competition that will lower prices. "

Microsoft did not give a specific date for its China Electronics Wholesale marketing area shelves, but said the tablet ARM Windows 8 RT would be ready for the launch of Windows 8. The version for businesses to cut it, out three months after, probably in early 2013, and thus for the ESC. The price should, according to Microsoft, which does not elaborate on this point either, compete with that of ultrabooks , which begin to fall below 800 euros.