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Verizon Can Profit Enormously From My Amazon-/Microsoft-/VC-Praised Business Plan

|Includes: AT&T Inc. (T), VZ


VZ can implement my design of a next-gen variant of LinkedIn.

If VZ's implementation became popular it would 1) yield key inputs to Oath, VZ's new online media and advertising subsidiary, 2) generate enormous demand for VZ's digital-identity solutions.

VZ could make its implementation disruptive to 'Net BigCos that aren't ISPs (e.g., to LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft).

Owning the most popular implementation of said design is likely to be foundational for owning the Amazon of customized education.

The Amazon of CE is likely to be a huge global business.

Full details about the above (~28 minute read)

Links to praise for my earlier tech entrepreneurship

Re: said website design

The 1.0 site will feature:

  • an online market for the advertisement spaces on solo-blogger blogs (e.g., portfolio blogs)
  • a virtual currency (cash transactions will be supported also)

Prices in this virtual currency will contain/reflect only truthful peer ratings of work samples [1]. Ratings of this kind are a top predictor of work performance, according to a much-cited meta-analysis of 85 years of personnel-selection research (4049 citations as of June 28, 2017) [2]. Other top predictors of work performance are often unavailable (e.g., test results). So prices in the virtual currency will be ideal for ranking people within individual job/skill categories. These rankings will make it much easier for Jane Q. Upwardly-Mobile to identify others who (can) best complement her (ditto for John Q.).

[1] Market users who want to transact with this virtual currency will have to purchase a digital-identity credential. A second virtual currency will enable people to use the market without proving their identity, but prices in the second currency won't be reliable predictors of work performance.

[2] From 2015 book Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead:

. . .

From the Schmidt-Hunter paper linked to above:

Re: my freemium business model

The free part centers on:

  • said website design
  • said post, which is designed to make it easy for VZ-ers to catalyze/advance a domino effect within VZ that yields an implementation of the site design (e.g., VZ's digital-identity group(s) -> Oath -> VZ Ventures)

The premium part would:

  • make VZ's implementation disruptive to 'Net BigCos that aren't ISPs
  • improve VZ's chances of besting AT&T

Details about the premium part are included in the post.

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