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FORECAST - $OIL, Metals.

How Do you describe @CL.1 wti crude $OIL, how do you start if there is no Linear Regression data to project next stops.?

We have been calling down targets LIVE since 103, correct each time, TREND was established earlier on move from 107 to 103. then 98, 84, 74, and we stopped calling, no data.

Technically, we had 2 up days in between falls, attempts to find bottom, not calling one yet until we get couple up days in a row, again.

Facts, B. Bands narrowing, a probabilistic forecasting Model that projects TREND changes. Linear Regression definitely downtrend since 107.. MACD lowest point in 6MO, RSI points down signifying TREND continuation for next period, so we will go with that,

@CL.1 wti crude $OIL MONDAY DOWN.


$GLD #gold -------------> DOWN MONDAY

Parabolic SAR just started a new Downtrend, after a few days uptrend, B. Bands narrowing, but still wider than last 4 months, MACD continues NEG but improved, RSI 50 and points down, downtrend continuation.


@SI.1 #silver $SLV ----------> MONDAY DOWN

A huge drop FRIDAY, back into severe downtrend, Parabolic SAR, B. Bands are wide, MACD NEG but improved, RSI like #gold points DOWN, TREND next DOWN.

Both #gold and #silver under very severe long term loses, shame on Fund Mgrs. and forecasters that sold volatile instruments to General Public as 'Core Investments,' Silver is over 70% down from 54.


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Additional disclosure: OIL and Metals symbols used for forecast only.