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@CL.1 wti crude $OIL, after losing ~ 37 points had a very STRONG rebound today, +3.09 (+4.69%), not inclined to claim REVERSAL yet, was expecting this blow out performance to start price recovery, but would like to see two more days up, before recommending Funds be committed to black gold. Suggest Trenches 1st till 50% of available investing/trading capital, then rest of funds.

Particular mode of rise in crude is similar to #gold, a big % of the rise in first few days, if not on board early, you can miss the bulk of the move up. Typical recoils of 35% can be expected on first push.

Same suggestions apply to #gold, reserving call on #silver for a while, metal has industrial uses, but it is down 70% from highs in the 50's area.





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