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Cracks IN the Rally But No Hole.. Yet

The cracks I've been discussing in this market which indicate the rally may be tiring has yet to develop into a full blown gaping hole as buyers continue to step in and support this market on any dip.  The bottom line right now is that there is zero follow through on days of weakness and that has kept the indices firmly above the 20 day moving averages.  Heck, we still don't have 3 consecutive down days since the rally began!  The somewhat sideways action over the past few weeks has worked off the overbought conditions, so I have been a bit more aggressive on the long side in recent days, but am locking in profits quickly and setting tight stops.  At the same time, I've been shorting with leveraged ETF's and a few individual plays when the S&P gets closer to the 875 level which has been key resistance.  It's tricky up here.. no question.  Let's see if a post Fed reversal day develops tomorrow OR follow through.  Place your bets!