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Various Musings on Gold

The Toro blog expounds an interesting thesis on gold and the possibility that its bull run has (gasp!) ended. 

He doesn't necessarily agree with the thesis but points out that: 
"It may be that gold is signaling an end to systemic risk in the financial system."
Obviously, that's not the case yet as gold is still above its 200-day moving average but it is a case figure any person long gold should keep in mind.
If the thought of a gold bear market depresses you, I have the perfect antidote. In a Financial Times article exploring the advantages of some kind of return to a gold standard, someone at UBS(emphasis mine) "calculates that the US reserves of gold are so small, relative to its monetary base, thata price above $6,000 an ounce would be needed to reintroduce a gold standard. To implement that standard in Japan, China and the US, the price would be more than $9,000."
Disclosure: Long GLD