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Old, improperly sealed molasses, stored outside in the cold --

high in a tree in the dead of winter during the night in a rural town where there are no lights, as a winter storm deposits two feet of snow.

Man, my computer loads about as slowly as that molasses would pour.  If you could get to it.

Is the SEC investigating me?  Again?  Homeland Security?  Nope.

Is my broker using my research and passing it off as his company's opinion?  Don't let me get into the details on that, believe me.

Seeking Alpha, I appreciate the forum, but either increase your bandwidth or delete things instead of archiving them if they are older than six months.  Your site takes far too long to load and/or refresh.

Make it the author's responsibility to save and reupload older info which they may use again.

Freeing up bandwidth, and allow your user a more user-friendly experience.

My netbook does not need optimizing, my cache does not need deleting, no cookies need to be accepted, nothing additional needs to be white listed, no browser needs updating, no software needs to be installed.

Three things ... bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth.

Consider me a fat, confused groupie:  I am width the band.  Increase me.

Disclosure: no positions, just an opinion