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overall market declines since April 25 -- herald of a correction?

... Two of the following would have to happen: greenback would have to dive, gold skyrocket, banks/brokers lose another Lehman or seriously bad Goldman truths become real time news.
.... As they say in fiction: all else would depend on the suspension of disbelief, or the loss of another "five years of wealth" in a very short period of time.

I will not say it cannot happen.

I am thinking it would have to be a 1931-33 level of correction after the 1929. My estimate would be a 40-50% correction; time wise it could be 2012. But since the market depends on the behavior of the investors, it could be the last Tuesday before the witching hour in May 2010.  [ -- or earlier. Time2Work, 5/4/2010]

Apr 25 08:24 pm

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