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Just absolutely amazing

 How GOLD, today, TUES, Oct 5, can react positively because of actions of Japan to weaken the yen.

The performance of gold and silver, over the last few years, should have screamed to any investor:  [at least a portion of their] portfolio allocation to maintain wealth in troubled times bespeaks necessary precious metals holdings.

Today's yen devaluation does not speak well to the health of the overall US stock markets.

Gold's increase is understandable; but to say it is tied in to Japan monetary policy is to say that every time you use your umbrella you get wet, so umbrellas must cause rain.

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The heaviest rains are on their way, people.  

Snooze, you lose.  

But, alert, with your heads' buried in the sand saying "I see no clouds on the horizon,"  you can still get hurt. 

I will be buying on the pull backs [as will BUZZER, from his commentaries, no doubt], because it is not a sprint but a marathon.

Time2Work or Time2ReBalanceMyPositions

Disclosure: Long GLD, SA, SVM, FXY, PIN, OIBAX, AYN, EWG; among others