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Another Idea to boost GDP - bump up the speed limit

If the economy is too slow, then it's time to bump up the speed limit.  There's no question that that will improve productivity.

As a matter of fact, here in Dallas, the speed limit on the tollway was increased from 60 to 70 mph.  It reduced congestion tremendously, and I can get to work 16% faster.  Nice.

So, what is preventing the Interstate system from bumping the limit up to 80, so that the productivity of the country goes up?  I'd rather see some more blood on the highway than see people starving in the future.  A GDP growth rate of < 2% will lead to civil unrest and Great Depression conditions eventually.  It's time to look for every means possible to stimulate it.  The clock is ticking before taxes are raised or before the incoming tax receipts don't cover paying the interest on the debt.

The change will happen suddenly, a jerk reaction selling the US Dollar.  That's how it was with the Asian crisis, and that's how it will be here.

So, step on the gas (or the potentiometer in the case of the Toyota Prius) and do your part.