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My Conspiracy Theory regarding Her Thighness and the Chinese

I listen to Mark Lavin on the radio, and he calls Hillary Clinton "Her Thighness".  Recently (about a month or two ago), she spoke with the Chinese regarding the bonds that they've been purchasing from us (thank you, guys).  Here's what I think happened:


Chinese: "We no buy more bonds till you ra-eese taxes."

Her Thighness: "Ok, we'll tax the companies doing business in the Cayman Islands.  That's politically possible."

Chinese: "And you have to stop a fast fall in the bond price.  We want a chance to get out, too."

Her Thighness: "Well, ok.  There's a rule we can change regarding 'fails'.  That should do the trick to slow down the market."

Chinese: "We want something tan-gee-ble in case of default.  We want this theeng you call 'eminent domain'."

Her Thighness: "I don't care.  ok.  you got it.  How will California do?  or maybe Hawaii?"



I'm keeping a close eye on the concessions she gave them.  They have us all under their thumb.