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Demand for Motorcycles is going through the Roof

I recently searched for and purchased a motorcycle.

I was amazed at the prices for a street bike.  They've gone bonkers, and it's the start of winter!  I've also read that the lease rates for vehicles have gone up, as the supply from the manufacturers has been declining.  My theory is that people can't ignore the 50 mpg from a street motorcycle anymore.  The demand curve is walking, and the people aren't

So, if you have a motorcycle that runs, hold it.  As the energy inflation comes this year and next, even used vehicles with good gas mileage will hold their value, and even rise in value.

I'm in Dallas.  Motorcycles migrate here for the sun.  My uncle started Sturgis (he was the mayor).  It's too bad he didn't become the mayor of Ft. Worth.