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Chrysler is Stealing Franchises

There was a dealer on the radio yesterday that told a grim story.  Here's a guy, in Melbourne, FL, that has a 100+ new vehicles in his lot, and Chrysler is yanking his franchise.  Without that, he can't apply for dealer incentives.  They will yank his franchise license in June, so it's not like they'll give him time to sell off his inventory.  To add insult to injury, Chrysler insisted that this guy remodel his entire store LAST YEAR.

I expect to see some lawsuits from this dealer and others.  With the new nationalized Chrysler taking my tax dollars, this is infuriating.  This guy PAID for this franchise.  It's PROPERTY, on the BOOKS. He should at least get credit if he wants to open a new one in the future or something.  Chrysler is stealing his PROPERTY.

This reminds me of a story, about Montana.  Montana lost control of their highway laws and their schools' funding when the federal govt. started giving them money for those programs.  It's like the federal govt. wants the states to be addicted to dollars, as if they were crack.  Now, they're strongarming dealerships out of business, at cost to the consumer in the form of higher vehicle prices.  I can understand closing dealerships, but it doesn't make any business sense to create a shock to the system like this.  Give them time to gracefully shutdown.


The only way to fix this permanently is to vote these congressional creeps out.  2010  2010  2010