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Mental Tranche August Update

We've successfully mentally tranched---that is to say, locked in gains and dividend payouts---for a 2nd of two months of this risk and capital management demonstration. As a quick recap, the methodology was to mentally divide our portfolio's starting cash value of $45,586.09 into 10 equally-sized tranches ($4,558.61) with the goal of locking in at least 1% ($455.86) growth per month or $45.59 per tranche per month. We only count sales and dividends paid towards these returns...paper gains and losses do not mean a thing to our overall success and/or failure (that's the truly mental part!). Furthermore, we weren't trying to beat the market, but rather beat the 1.2% CD interest rate we were previously earning with our ~$45K.

And so, the numbers:

July 2016-June 2017 Open Balance Net Gain/Loss Divs Paid Close Balance Return
YTD $45,586.09 $1,445.36 $639.37 $47,670.80 4.57%
July $45,586.09 $1,125.34 $130.86 $46,842.29 2.76%
Aug $46,842.29 $320.02 $508.51 $47,670.80 1.77%

And this is how it looked by tranche for the month of August:

With a 4.57% return in the first 2 months of our July-to-June Year, we could lock in zero gains and dividends between now and 17 November and still be on track for our 1% per month goal. Which is fine, because we're about 80% invested right now and definately need the time for some of our current investment/trading theses to play out.