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Stimulus Watch: I hope the Aussies are saving their pennies

Is Australia about to take shot on the chin? Currently the country is navigating the global downturn with exports of raw commodities to China. Is that about to turn?

Australia, which has benefited greatly from China's increased manufacturing consumption of iron ore. China has gone from consuming less than 20% of Australia's iron ore in 2000 to over 80% in 2008. (1) China has even continued to increase their copper imports during the downturn leading to a scenario where their economy exports less but still increases consumption. For Australia, this situations encourages projections based on artificial demand. For China, this indicates uncorrected inefficiencies in their domestic economies that have been papered over by stimulus plan.

There is evidence that the Chinese binge buying has abated...

"In recent months Chinese demand for iron ore -- the primary material in the manufacture of steel -- has dominated freight market activity while also adding to swings on the main index.Port congestion in China as well as off Australia's coast had previously tied up a large number of Capesize vessels, typically hauling 150,000 tonne cargoes such as iron ore and coal. But queues off China have eased.Brokers said reduced iron ore import activity in China in recent weeks was taking its toll." (2)

Considering the torrid pace of the last six months, this could be a breather or utter exhaustion. We will have to wait and look for more evidence before determining how to address the situation.

(1) "Australia finds fortunes ever more tied to China" Reuters, Aug 19, 2009, by Wayne Cole

(2) "Baltic index drifts lower, cargo enquiry light" Reuters, Sept 16, 2009