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Moral Investing or Immoral Ripoff

Recently, Buy and Hold Plus took a look at one of the advertisers that popped up on its website from Google adsense.  It is for the Timothy Plan.  These folks claim to be "steadfastly committed to maintaining portfolios that do not contain the securities of any company that is actively contributing to the moral decline of our society."

You can read the full write up at Moral Investing or Immoral Ripoff

But the gist of the article is this.  The Timothy Plan's criteria for investing excludes the majority of the Fortune 500.  And the performance of its funds lags that of its peers.

And investors are paying hefty fees in order to get in on this.

First is the 5.5 percent load.  Then there's the management fee that is double what the average fund charges and triple what companies like Fidelity charge for similar funds.

Buy and Hold Plus would like to ask the management of the Timothy Plan one question.

What is moral about ripping off investors?