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Hold the Presses: Barron's Thanks Obama

You can read the article right here.

Here's the free excerpt.

THE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO THAT HAS the U.S. plunging into a new Great Depression that will last for a generation is beginning to subside, as are predictions of 5000 on the Dow.

But the debate goes on about how sickly the economy is, how long it will take to revive and whether the nation is piling up a crushing amount of debt. The discussion offers great ...

The rest of the article goes on to talk about how new Presidents do whatever it takes to get the economy recovering so that it's strong and vibrant when the next election rolls around.  Duh.  Of course they do.  It then does an analysis of every single bear market since 1917 (19 of them) and the year that the bottom was reached.

Of those 19 bear markets, 15 of them ended in the first or second year of a President's term.  And of the four times where the bear market ended in the third or fourth year, three of them came during the President's second term.  The exception was Herbert Hoover, who didn't see a bottoming of the bear until his fourth year.

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