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Improving Rules for Loan Modifications – Improving Results?

The government tries to keep lenders honest when evaluating homeowners for Loan Modifications.  Approvals of loan modifications are increasing.

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The Obama administration released its monthly press release about their report on loan modification efforts and found  a lot to brag about.

According to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) report, over a million homeowners were receiving a median savings $500/month.  176,000 homeowners had been granted a permanent loan modification and an additional 91,800 homeowners just had to accept their permanent offer.

The administration bragged they were on pace to meet Obama’s announced goal of helping 3-4 million homeowners.

A couple of highlights from the report:

  • 1.8 million homeowners are estimated to be eligible for loan modifications.
  • Under 16% of HAMP trial modifications have become permanent.
  • Of the permanent modifications approved, 100% have interest rate reductions, 40.8% had terms extended and 27.8% had partial principal forbearance. NOTE: no statistics on principal forgiveness!
  • The top 5 cooperating Servicers: GMAC Mortgage, CitiMortgage, Select Portfolio Servicing, Green Tree & Saxon Mortgage.
  • The worst 5 cooperating Servicers: Wachovia Mortgage, HomeEq Servicing, Carrington Mortgage Services, American Home Mortgage & CCO Mortgage.

Also making news is the government’s attempts to keep Servicers honest when dealing with homeowners hoping for loan modifications. 

The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA), a part of HAMP, tries to encourage Servicers to streamline the approval process for short Sales and Deeds-in- Lieu of foreclosure.

HAFA also includes some other interesting changes that should be noted by those looking for Michigan Loan Modifications (and in other states):

  • Participating lenders/servicers will be required to tell a homeowner in writing within 10 business days of their denial of a Michigan Loan Modification.  They must also inform homeowners why they were specifically denied and offer them short sale & deed-in-lieu alternatives.
  • If a homeowner discloses income from child support, alimony or separate maintenance that results in a loan modification denial, the servicer is allowed to ignore the income to qualify a homeowner for a loan modification.
  • Both a hardship letter and 4506-T or 4506-EZ are required for a loan modification approval.
  • If a homeowner doesn’t respond to an unsolicited trial modification offer, they are still eligible to request a loan modification at a later date.
  • If a homeowner’s first mortgage is modified under HAMP guidelines, and their second mortgage is serviced by a participating servicer, then that servicer MUST modify the homeowner’s second mortgage.
  • Second mortgages are modified by dropping the interest rate to 1% or by the lender accepting a lump sum payment from the U.S. Treasury for an amount equaling 4-12% of the balance of the loan.
  • Homeowners with seconds modified to a lower interest rate are eligible to receive $250 annually for up to 5 years, for making timely payments.

This information can be verified at the HAMP web portal for servicers, by clicking here.