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Timeless Investment Principles I Follow...just For My Followers.....

Shhhhh don't tell anyone else -- here are the secrets: (highly technical)

1. cut losses

2. cut losses

3. see 1 and 2.

4. Divorce ego from investment choices and mistakes. Losses are part of the game. Be wrong, OK, don't stay wrong.

5. contra the herd, but don't get trampled.

6. know yourself. Well. Invest with a style that is you.

7. see #6.

8. know what's going on worldwide even to invest domestically. It matters.

9. be a permanent student of all factors. Study your mistakes.

10. credit leads.

11. be fearless when others are fearful, and vis versa

12. buy good management, that means politically too when internationally investing.

13. stay within your area of competence

14. defense wins football games and in investing too, long term.

15. have your own vision, don't be a follower.

16. don't chase what's most popular. Be uncomfortable.

17. Be humble; stay humble

18. See # 1 again. Really.

19. Buy Business's, assets, Management, not stocks.

20. Work harder than anyone else. Believe in yourself.