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The 2011 Douche Bag Of The Year Award

Where in the hell has the time gone?

We've had Spring in the Middle East and the occupations of our cities, and Michelle Obama has taken fabulous vacations around the globe that most of us can only dream about.

Where to begin?

Who is most deserving?

Why am I so pissed off all the time?

Why are so many total douche bags getting richer and richer at the expense of ordinary fuckers such as myself?

Why is John Corzine not being perp walked to a squad car in Lower Manhatten?

Why is the departing head of Fannie Mae getting 4 million dollars for one year of begging Barney Frank for cash? OK, that's unfair, Barney probably requires a buttload of "Frank" tending to get tax payer dollars to slosh forth.

So, who does stand above the rest of the assholes that occupy Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue?

Who deserves the coveted Douche Bag Of The Year award?

I leave it to you my minions.

Some asshole, or assholette, has disturbed you and brought you to the edge of insanity, at least once this year, so much so, that you are chomping at the bridle to unleash your pissed off fury.

Well, goddamnit, let the games begin. Submit your wretched entries here. The winner will be declared on New Years Day 2012. Provided we are all still here at such time.