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Why are we......?

I've thought of a few things lately that have me miffed. Perhaps some of the liberal readers can enlighten me.

Why are we prosecuting the people who kept our country safe from terrorist attacks?

Why are we taking over the entire healthcare system when less than 10% of the population has no insurance?

Why are we contemplating enormous new taxes on energy?

Why are we contemplating huge new regulations on refiners that will drastically reduce our refining capacity?

Why are we not drilling in every corner of our country for oil that we have?

Why are we not converting cars to NG?

Why are we not building 100's of new nuclear power plants?

Why are we thinking about rationing healthcare?

Why are so many marxists and socialist becoming Czars?

Why are we spending ourselves into slavery?

Why are the Democrats so smug about the bills that they are passing without reading?

Maybe some of you can help me complete this exercise in citizenship. Add your "why's" to the list.