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Why Options Girl?

About a month ago, I posted a comment that was insulting toward Barney Frank.

The comment, which was clearly satire, suggested that the reason Frank was considering and audit of the Fed was because Ben Bernanke had bought a StairMaster and a had carved his glutes to manly perfection.

Frank asked Bernanke if he'd like to hang out in the House steam room and was rejected by Bernanke.

Sullen and rejected, Frank went on a binge of amil nitrate, show tunes and DC man whores and plotted his revenge.

I said that I couldn't prove any of it, but that was what I was hearing on the street.

SA pulled it down. 

Freya was taken down for challenging an author.

What the hell did Options Girl say to get banned?

From what I've seen - nothing.

If anyone on SA is as angry as I am about this, please speak up. You could be next.

I'll ask SA to read your comments after we've had a day or two to discuss this arbitrary editing policy.