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It's About Time We Bombed The Moon.

The headlines in the news today are terrifying. 

Terrorists are plotting unimaginable atrocities against mankind. Wars are getting more and more deadly. The H1N1 is mutating into a monster that could kill much of the human population. And, stock, bond and currency markets teeter on the edge of Armageddon.

But there is good news. NASA is getting ready to blow a huge hole in the moon. 

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm stoked. Sometime on Friday, we're going to slam a missile at twice the speed of a bullet into the south pole of the moon.

Pretty cool huh?

Now, I know some of you pansy ass do gooders are thinking,"how much did this cost?" Or, "do we have our priorities straight?"

Well, I say, grow a pair already. We're the f#cking US of f#cking A!

We don't spend money on nuclear power plants or hydro electric power plants. Hell no! We identify a target and blow the sh$t out it. BOOM. No matter how much it costs. Take that you dip sh$t moon mountains on the south pole of the moon!

For god's sake, the moon might have water! And we'll find out. That's how we roll.

Because someday, the Chinese might want to develop the moon's resources and, after this badly needed mission, we'll be able to show them precisely where to set up their lunar base of operations. Because we're Americans. Kicking asses and taking names is what we do. And, sometimes, blowing a massive freaking hole in the moon!