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Muir Woods Country Club

As a real estate developer, I'll have to admit that business has been slow for the last year or so. But that's about to change.Due to the budget shortfalls in California, I've stumbled upon an outstanding investment opportunity.

Just north of San Francisco is a lovely wooded area known as the Muir Woods. It is truly spectacular and you should see it.  I'm going to turn part of it into a world class golf course and country club.

Muir Woods Country Club will offer golf, tennis and fine dining amongst the giant Redwoods and Sequoia.

The facilities will all be made of state of the art green technology and use only redwoods that are harvested on site. Preliminary engineering estimates that the entire, all redwood, 120,000 square foot clubhouse and 500 car parking garage can be built with timber that will be processed from the clearing of the front nine holes. The timber from the back nine and driving range areas will be sold to lumberyards and cover the cost of most of the construction costs of the club.

If you share my dream of world class golf amidst the grandeur of these giant trees, let me know and I'll forward a prospectus and club membership details.

In spite of my solid balance sheet, this is a rather large investment and banks have been tight as a clam so I need help .If any of you have any interest in this and can afford to invest at least $500,000, for a period of five years, let me know.