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If events continue,

If events continue, as they are with the target price for crude at or around $80 a barrel, which translates into $3 diesel and $2.50 gas per gallon, there will be no economic recovery for several years to come. The consumer is drowning in the wage stagnation due to the 9.7 % of unemployed job market, which allows companies to pick and choose employee’s and tell them what there wage will be. Great for companies large enough to trim back and weather the storm, not so great for the average American consumer. There is also the continuing rise in food cost due to the rise in fuel cost, and the circle goes round and round and up and up. It is a simple math equation, if X equals the average wage or take home pay, and Y equals the cost in food with Z being equal to the cost in fuel, with X not changing in value, being divided by Y and Z, you have the recipe for no economic growth. What will grow will be revolving credit debt as the consumer tries to keep pace with the increasing cost of everything except their take home pay. That is assuming that the still have a place of employment.