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World's Most Famous And Successful Traders Of All Time

A successful investor always make informed decision after analysis of the business fundamentals of a particular company, on the other hand they use technical analysis to place best engineered to profit on short- term market volatility.

There are some world famous traders who have proved themselves and now they are standing on the top of the hill. There life stories have inspired lot of traders and motivated them to move down under trading inspite of all risk.

  • George Soros: he is the most well known trader in the history of the business, known as "the man who broke the bank of England." as mentioned inprevious article about his life. He played a significant role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe and also provides one of Europe's largest higher education's at central European university in Budapest. He is chairman of the open society foundations. He is currently worth an approximated $19 billion and is now retired.
  • Paul Tudor Jones: he is a founder of Tudor Investment Corporation which is a private asset management company and hedge fund. He has been ranked as the 108th richest American and 345th richest in the world. In February 2013, Forbes magazine listed him one of the 40 highest earning hedge fund management.
  • Marc Rich: he was an international commodity trader, hedge fund manager, financier and businessman. He was mainly known for founding the company Glencore. During his early life he uses to work as a commodity trader for his father, who sought to build an American manufacturing fortune through burlap sack production. Than after he use to work with Philipp brother, who were dealer in metals, where he learned about the international raw material markets and commercial trading with poor. His company "Marc rich real estate gmbh" which is involved in larger developed project like in Czech Republic, Prague etc...
  • Brian Hunter: he is well known as Canadian natural gas trader, had over $9 billion in assets but collapsed in 2006 after Hunter's gamble on natural gas future market went bad. He is self described as "math geek" from Calgary with a taste for expensive cars. In 2011, the Wall street journal called Brian Hunter as one of the top "rogue traders" of all time.
  • Karen Lisa Finerman: she is an American businesswoman and a television personality. Karen began her career as a trader at first city capital a risk arbitrage fund. Later she joined Donaldson, Jenrette and Lufkin where she become lead researcher analyst for arbitrage department. And in 1992 she founded new York- based hedge fund metropolitan capital advisor, her first book which was named as "rules: secrets I'd only tell my daughter about business and life" was released in June 2013.

At starting most of the traders face difficulties and find hard to trade but facing the problems and challenges with brave heart and overcoming them is the sign of successful trader, become a winner and learn the secrets of world's best traders and investors.

If you want to walk on the path to become top trader always remember that never underestimate the psychological part of trading, this is what separates the good traders from world's top traders. The success key to become a top good trader is to not let emotions such as fear, hope and greed. Emotions will not allow you to be totally objective while taking decisions.