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I Need Your Feedback!!!

In an effort to make my blog more user friendly and the strategies more easily presentable, I have added a new link to the right hand side. It is the August 1st update of the 'basic portfolio' I featured in July. Basically, here is what I'm trying to accomplish: combine the momentum strategies (3-6-12 month returns) and 200 day moving averages into one spreadsheet. Thus, you can look at the spreadsheet and determine the momentum and moving average of each ETF (along with some other stats). The new link is here and is also listed under the ETF & Timing Portfolios section on the right hand side.

Let me know how it looks and if you have any suggestion - I'd like to present the material this way for multiple portfolios and for some of the strictly momentum based strategies (US sector, global sectors, countries).

Feedback welcome!!!