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Hedge Fund Investment Recommendations

|Includes: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)

Great article from Market Folly analyzing Goldman's Brain For Long / Short Strategies. As MF acknowledges, many of the strategies listed are not feasible for retail investors. One suggestion I can definitely make is to check out AlphaClone for tangible investment recommendations based on actual hedge fund holdings.

The conclusion and strategies identified by Market Folly:

Members of Goldman Sachs' sales/trading desks have highlighted the following strategies as opportunistic within the context of the current market landscape:

- Short REIT Equities
- Buy FX Options on commodity linked currencies
- Buy Equities of non-US commodity producers
- Sell Caps on the US Tax Index
- Short JPY
- Buy Yen CMS Caps
- Short U.S. consumer and retail companies (via equities or CDS)
- Sell Aluminum Caps
- Long crude oil vs short heating oil (short the crack spread)
- Engage in market neutral strategies (event-driven, etc)