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Get $1000, a Free Trading Platform, and Profits

I want to plug a couple of services I use that I think would be of use to individual investors. The first is, the online broker known for free stock trades. They are now offering Forex trading and have a great promo I just got an email on. They are literally giving you cash, up to $1000, to open a Forex account with them. The details are below:

You can get up to $1000 when you fund your account and meet the trade requirement before November 13th, 2009 5pm (NYSE:ET). If you have not already signed up for an account, this is a great opportunity to get started!

The catch? Just make sure to:

  • Make your a deposit with before 10/30/2009 5pm (ET)
  • Make the round-trip trade requirements before 11/13/2009 5pm (ET)
  • Collect your bonus!

Zecco Forex

Please keep in mind that forex contains added risk. Leverage is high, meaning your account could be wiped out quickly if you do not have plan. That's why, if I were to take advantage of the free money Zecco if offering, I would consider putting it towards a trading service that handles FX. One of my favorites is MarketClub, a retail trading service geared towards individual investors. Right now, they have agreed to give readers of Scott's Investments 2 bonus months, FREE. The free money from Zecco would more then pay MarketClub, and not to mention MarketClub more then pays for itself in profit generating ideas.

An example of how MarketClub works: I literally opened up a free Forex account last night and decided to test some MarketClub indicators. AUD/USD and NZD/USD were in strong upward trends according to MarketClub's famed Trade Triangle Technology so I opened long positions of 1 contract of each. I got home from work tonight and was actually up $780, and as I type this I am up $381.

I am not a fan of hyperbole and want to caution readers: that $780 could go quickly (as indicated by the quick drop to unrealized gains of $381) in the Forex market, so please, please have appropriate stop losses and money management techniques. My overnight profit was used an example but it was very real; however, losses can certainly be expected on trades. If you have not traded Forex before, open a free practice account with or take advantage of a free trial of MarketClub before trading with real money. You can also take advantage of Marketclub's Free Email Trading Course (yes, it is totally free, all you need is an email).

And don't forget, cut your losses early and let your profits run...