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Yemen's instability projects a threat into Saudi Arabia

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Well Yemen is getting interesting to say the least.
As Sharq Al Awsat estimates there are 3,000 Al-Qaida supporters in Yemen. Al-Qaida has kicked off its attacks on Saudi by trying to assassinate the deputy interior minister:
"Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry identified Abdullah al-Asiri as the suicide bomber that tried to assassinate a senior anti-terrorist official in the kingdom. The Saudi militant was based in Yemen before attempting to carry out the strike on Assistant Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdel Aziz in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, government-owned Saudi TV reported, citing a statement from the Interior Ministry. "
From what I can tell Iran is supporting the Al-Houthi Shi'a rebels in the North and the Yemeni army are getting their butts handed to them.
Then those pesky secessionists in the south arent going quietly:
Given that the local tough guy, President Saleh, is himself an Islamist if he feels like he is losing grip you would have thought he would try and reach a co-opting agreement with the Sunni Islamists while he deals with the Shi'a rebels and the southern-socialists. Of course Al-Qaida is already well enough established there to start attacking inside Saudi Arabia. I’m sure Iran is watching closely either way, they have a huge amount to gain from destabilisation in the peninsula.
It will be interesting to watch whether Saleh can hold it together, my guess is not. If not and Al Qaida start to pose a real threat to the Saudi's regime the question then is how many Saudis hedge their bets either with money or support from inside the Saudi security apparatus.
Although Clinton expressed support for the Somali government earlier last month Al-Shabbab, the Al-Qaida front group, are still the dominant force around the capital and south of it.
I can’t see Obama doing anything meaningful in either country any time soon as he is busy smoking the green shoots of success.