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You're Welcome Planet Earth

I just read Harry Long's book, "You're Welcome Planet Earth" for the third time. I really like this book, because the strategy is limited to two ETFs and easy adjustments. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to follow this strategy. He mentions in the book about rebalancing and that is something I haven't done before. Since, that is new to me, I have been paper trading it. So, I found a spread sheet for rebalancing. I tweaked it a little bit and that is what I have been using for my instructions. The way I have the spreadsheet set up, it is to give me a buy or sell signal for the two ETF's (sometimes no signal) based on the values of their values versus the portfolio value. Then, I update the prices to the current prices and I start adjusting the spreadsheet with the recommended buy/sell signals (for example, buy 3 XIV and/or sell 3 TMF) until the signal goes away. I exit the spread sheet and make the corresponding entries in my trading software. I am not sure this is the best way to rebalance, but I'm in virgin territory now, with something I haven't done before. With my paper trading, this has worked very well for me and I plan on going live with it. It fits my style of trading and fits into my current busy life style. It takes me about ten minutes to bring up the trading software, bring up the spreadsheet, input the data into the spreadsheet, make adjustments, make the corresponding trades in the platform and exit. That's it. At this point, I really don't have time to do a lot of homework on stocks, technical indicators, fundamentals, etc. That's why this works so well for me.