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L.T. capital tax in 2011 and 2012

If you're in that range of $67,900 (slightly higher for 2011), do the following to postpone income if you want to take advantage of 0 long term capital gain tax :

You need to calculate how much tax you can save before you need to cut down income.

1. Postpone incomes that you can control - this year is tough as it is a two year affair.
2. No Roth IRA conversion and no withdrawal from retirement accounts if this is an option.
3. Cut down non-qualified dividends from stocks (or move them to retirement accounts).
4. Cut down covered calls in non-retirement accounts.
5. Up your deductibles but not drive you to ATM.

I'm not an accountant or lawyer, so please consult your tax lawyer.

Estate tax. Exmeption is 5 million per person and unused exemption is portable to the spouse. Some lawyers in estate taxes could join the queue to unemployment benefits as the rest of us.

With all the tax cuts and entitlements, I expect we'll have inflation down the road, some bonds will collapse, and harder for Federal and muni to borrow money. Will China be a sucker lender?