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Best price to buy a stock

Recently, I looked at the unfilled buy orders due to too low a price to buy and the thousands of profit I missed. Penny wise and pound stupid. Usually I use 1% or more less than the market price. The new strategy is:

On a rising market.
Use .25% less than the market price for a stock. For some promising stocks, place the second order on the same stock with 1% less than the market price.

Some may use one cent more than the lowest price of the day. If we use market price, just place it one hour after the market opens and/or more than one hour before the market closes. One's opinion. Do not ask me why.

On a falling market.
Use 1% less and 2% less for the second order on the same stock.

Due to too many trades, I usually leave the orders overnight. It is not a good practice esp. before earning annoucement after hour.

Talking about earning announcement, currently there are many days and many stocks with more than 5% gain/loss a day (fortunately most are gains). The market must be volatile. When you've stop orders less than 5%, it just gets closed  out due to the high volatility we're having.