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Penny Stock Watchlist 6/26/12 - Market Was Red? We Didn't Notice.....


Plenty of decent movers today topped off with a 100% gainer off bottom. Alerted CAST and said I was buying around .35. Sold half at .48 the rest just below .70. I Banked! Best trade in awhile in terms of percentage gain. But CAST went on to the mid .80's. It may even gap up a bit tomorrow for a morning momo spike as those who missed out today chase it up. Therefore its one of my top watches. ANTS, what I joke, I traded this terribly. I was up 100% and didn't take it. Now I'm slightly red on the deal. Ugh, subbies, now you know why I just alert them and rarely play them. I get $$ signs in my eyes thinking its going to be the next monster runner only to watch them tank later. Take Profits people! Learn from my mistakes, profit is profit no matter what the stock does after you sell. We can always play it again. The good news is ANTS being down about $40 for me now is jackcrap on what I made on CAST today, so who cares right? Well I still like to make good trades, and ANTS had me buggin, thinking about all the reasons I didn't just lock in the profit. But time to move on, tomorrow, I'll take the small loss on any pop and forget about it. FLWS swing working still, hit 3.60 today, tried to sell half but no fill, so still holding size from 3.30. GALE tried to go finally, and closed above that 1.60 mark. Tomorrow if it doesn't head higher, I may just take it off, as its just a waste of resources if it doesn't go. That's my rant for tonight, but if you read it all, you'll know that in chat tomorrow I'll be broadcasting one of my screens again with a watchlist, scanner, and 2 charts. Look for the link to be posted 10-15 minutes before open. Here's 5 tickers to watch for tomorrow otherwisejoin us in chat tomorrow to see my watchlist update in real time.


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