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Steve Jobs and Apple and the Liver Transplant

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), AIG, C, GE, GS

There is a lot of noise today about Apple's board NOT disclosing Steve Jobs' liver transplant (which happened two months ago).  I can understand why a lawyer may get all flustered by this situation.

In the real world, everyone knew that Steve Jobs had some health issues.  So is it really necessary to disclose the operation?  If in any way the company's performance suffered, I might change my tune.  But the company is doing as well as ever.  Even if this item should have been technically disclosed, shareholders have not suffered at all.

Of all the boards that I can find fault with, Apple's is at the bottom of my list.  In my opinion, Apple is one of the top five best run companies in America.  It may be #1.  Why waste my time attacking Apple when the boards members of so many banks are still around.  These companies almost destroyed the American economy.  Has every board member of Citi resigned?  AIG?  Even GE and Goldman Sachs - clearly, these board members have no business sticking around, especially after shrinking the capital base right before a major crisis.

Apple has done nothing but generate cash and build a fortress balance sheet.  Their new phone has sold over 1 million units already.

Time for the media to get real.