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Apple And The iPhone - How To Improve Upon Perfection #AAPL #iPhone

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

As a mobile industry insider, I enjoy chatting with colleagues about the latest, greatest gadgets and trends. The other day, our topic was innovation and the trouncing that Apple's been taking from investors and other analysts over what appears to be the company's lack of innovation. My response was simply this: how do you improve on perfection?

The fact is, once Apple introduced the iPhone, every manufacturer who's still in business has been trying to copy it or one-up it. None have succeeded. Oh, yes, you can argue for Android, but that's not a specific device and there's plenty of imperfection there, starting with fragmentation and lack of a closed infrastructure model. Now, those folks might also argue against a closed model like Apple's. I view it from an end-user perspective and in that way, it is a thing of beauty. Millions and millions of existing and future iPhone owners agree, too! Why? From a user perspective and it all revolves around a simple and easy customer experience. From shopping to post-sale support, the Apple model is beautifully simple! They make it easy and cool to buy and no matter what version your thing is, Apple will support it. One stop support. No finger pointing between hardware and software vendors, no manufacturers to beg for the latest "candy" or "ice cream" upgrade to your year-year old device they no longer want to enhance. And that beautiful "one stop" support model extends to every single product Apple offers whether it's a phone, music player, Apple TV, iPad, Macbook...whatever.

For those of us who were pioneers in the wireless industry, the days when SEND and RCV were the only icons on the phone are not so long ago. So, when we saw the beauty and simplicity of the first iPhone, it knocked our socks off and generations later, it still is. For millions of iPhone users around the world, the iPhone is still incomparable and treasured.

Apple continues to innovate with the iPhone and investors with doubts should take a look at the company's patent portfolio and some of the work they're doing in mHealth.

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