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Long-Term Investments For The Average Investor

|Includes: FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR), T


SHCW (Charles Schwab, Co).

FLIR (FLIR Systems, Inc).

T (AT&T, Inc).

Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCHW) brokerage and banking company. is up 23.42 % YTD. SCHW it is very profitable. Profit margins are 25.03 % and its operating margins are 38.46%. has a EPS of 1.24. Charles Schwab pays a great dividend of 0.28 (0.71%) and a payout ratio of 20.97%. Charles Schwab overall,is a great long-term investment for anyone looking for long term investments.

In addition,FLIR Systems, inc (NASDAQ:FLIR) is a technology company. Systems, specialize in designing and producing thermal imaging cameras, components and imaging sensors. is up 25.88% YTD. FLIR Systems reinvest 17.66% of its gross profit in research and development. It has a profit margin of 10.79% and a operating margin of 18.36%. It has a great dividend and yield of 0.48(1.32%). It has a payout ratio of 37.30%. also has a excellent EPS of 1.27.

Further more, AT&T Inc, is a telecommunications company. (NYSE:T)is up 23.81% YTD. It has a market cap of 261.18B. This is greater than it's largest competitors, Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S), Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ), and T-mobile US (NASDAQ:TMUS). It has a profit margin of 8.86% and a operating margin of 18.04%. has a great dividend and yield of 1.96(4.59%), with a payout ratio of 81.36%. It also has a excellent EPS of 2.35.

In conclusion, all three of these stocks are great investment opportunities for the low risk investor.


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