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Asset Alliance Position Aggregation And Reporting System

Transparency - Allows analysts to extract gain more value from position level transparency

„ Interconnectivity - Aggregates data from a variety of sources, including prime brokers, administrators, data vendors, pricing services

„ Scalability - Can expand with changes mandated by market conditions and user demands

Key System Features and Benefits

Monitor risk characteristics of multiple accounts and various strategies The platform aggregates position level data for multiple portfolios and creates reports on a single manager level as well as a portfolio level.

Combine views from a variety of disparate sources

Positions and various descriptive data are downloaded via proprietary technology that links directly to all major prime brokers. Valuations can be added from a variety of third party pricing sources.

Flexible reporting system

Reports are posted daily on a secure Internet portal. Reports can be downloaded to a user's computer, saved to a network drive or a hard drive, and printed out.

Add-on capabilities for customized analysis

Built-in ability to expand with changes mandated by market conditions and user

Comprehensive Reporting Functionality

Aggregation of holdings across prime brokers.

Reconciliation of holdings and market values between the prime brokers and managers.

Changes in holdings by sectors, instrument types, average beta, duration, etc.

Comparisons across managers showing investment and performance patterns.

Allocation and performance histories.

Distribution of reports using an Intranet

PARS software was developed in response to the global need for

increased transparency for investment management professionals. Developed and used successfully in-house by an investment organization, the software combines an expanded level of position aggregation with enhanced reporting capabilities. PARS allows risk managers to extract more value from position level transparency and thus is a valuable tool in portfolio management process.