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OUTERWALL INC (OUTR) Down The Road !!!

|Includes: Outerwall Inc. (OUTR)

As far as I know company is in the process of going private in next couple of months. Even though OUTR's recent quarterly results were good company's stock did not rise much. "It only happens when there is "crazy" things going inside within the company".

With a high short interest whenever "Hedge Fund" folks will decide to do buy to cover probably in the month of June 16 you will see that price will go higher.

Just to mention Engaged Capital just bought the 14.2% stake in OUTR back in Feb 2016, along with that they have now 3 people as a "Board of Director" effective Aug 1st 2016 now OUTR will have total 9 Board of Director. So Engaged Capital will need "2" more votes in order to go "OUTR" as a "PRIVATE" hand. In that case, I believe they will manage to get 2 more votes which will push them "5" in favor of privatization. And in that case OUTR will easily go private. Now the only question which is left is at which price they will go private?

Again to mention company has deliver exactly same as per the guidelines by Engaged Capital LLC. ( Listen to it's current earning calls).

Also there is over 45 % "Short Seller" position outstanding as off now. They have to do buy to cover eventually. So waiting for the right now to all the share holder's when they will initiate their position for "Buy to Cover".... something really crazy is going to happen with the stock price. Not sure when but just waiting for the right time..... till then please please please "hold" your position. DO NOT SALE AT lower price even though you bought the stocks at 60 $ or above. Somewhere by September 2016 or before that you will see some good positive news... till then please have patience and "hold" your position....

Disclosure: I am/we are long OUTR.