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TIVO - 17 million shares traded today.

|Includes: DISH, TiVo Inc. (TIVO)

Positive ruling from USPTO give confidence that eventually TIVO will prevail against DISH.

DISH actually initiated this review by the USPTO on TIVO's patent portfolio and lost.

Will the courts uphold the value of patents in the United States of America and protect the little guy at the same time?....I HOPE SO. 

How can any company's patent portfolio be safe if DISH wins in court.

TIVO's share price will rise over $22/share in the next 6 months as shorts cover their positions, the Appeal court rules in TIVO's favor, and all existing users of TIVO's technology sign distribution deals with them.

TIVO will probably be acquired in 12 months north of $25/share.  It is now in DISH network's best interest to settle their claims with TIVO.

Disclosure: long TIVO