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Analysis of Latest Currency COT Positions

Overview: There was a small net increase in the open interest (NYSE:OI) during the period.  The biggest increase in the OI was in the euro, 17,805 contracts, but there was also a 7k increase in the yen and a 3+k increase in both the SF and the A$. There was almost an 8k decrease in the pound OI where the large spec was liquidating.  The total net OI increase was 23,763.

Combined speculator positions remains a big USD short, although it was reduced from the previous week.  The net short spec USD position was reduced to 265,722 contracts, down from 302,067 in the previous week.  Specs are long something else and short the USD in all contracts except the yen.  In the yen they increased their short yen and long USD position to 41,479 contracts.  The biggest long reduction by specs was in the pound, down about 19k contracts. 

There were no position flips during the week.

Small specs had the biggest long positions in the SF, 41.2%, the C$, 35.5%, and the A$, 26.9%.  On the short side of the market, the small specs has the largest percentage share in the SF, 29.9%, the yen 26.9%, and the euro 22.2%

The large specs continued to have the biggest positions in the two smallest markets, the DI, and the NZ$.  They were long 62.7% of the DI and short 77.2%.  In the NZ$ they were long 57.4, and short 28.3% of the market.  The biggest other long positions as a percentage of the total market is in the A$, 54.8%, the C$, 48.9%, the SF, 39.0%, and the pound 38.5%.  Only in the yen do the big specs have a large short position, 37.9% of the market.

This is a summary  of the latest COT report.  The complete analysus is available at