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"There's Something Happening Here" Or "This Is The Dawning Of The Age"

During the 1970s and 1980s, pharmaceutical treatment of cancer involved chemotherapeutic agents that essentially killed everything, but was preferential for faster growing cells. Over the past two decades, advances allowed the more specific targeting of tumors, but still with significant side effects, as they were often used in combination with older drugs, and in many cases, only a slight increase in overall survival. As I stated in my 2014 predictions, I believe that we are entering the third phase of oncology drug development. This will involve more specific tumor targeting of metabolic pathways and mutations, resulting in greater efficacy and a much more favorable side effect profile. These new agents will greatly impact treatment next decade, but from an investment standpoint, I reach the same conclusion I did regarding Hepatitis C pharmacotherapy in 2012-It is a "must investment".