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Crypto What? Buying The Bitcoin Dip


Bitcoin has seen 57% retracement this month as the network anticipated Segwitt adaption

Ethereum has also seen a significant loss in market cap, as many ICO's have cashed out the venture capital raised through the crowdfunding apperatus.

The Global Crypto Currency Market is presenting for either a collapse or one of the best buying opportunities of the year. The choice is yours.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a heads up. There is a new thing to invest in. They are called digital assets, or cryptocurrency. The fancy name just means that it uses a secure algorithm to ensure that the digital token the specific hash it represents, is indeed, 1, legitimately mined coined. Nerd stuff.

You may have heard of something called Bitcoin, this is one of these cryptocurrencies, and the most popular. It is being accepted more and more these days online and at popular retailers. Yesterday, I met with a local business owner who had a huge Bitcoin symbol at the cash register.. needless to say I made a new friend since part of what I do is write about and help nurture real world examples of crypto currencies and the blockchain technology behind them.

There are over 800 tradable assets like Bitcoin, many of them still in their infancy, one of the most promising alternatives is Ethereum. I think Ether presents one of the most practical real world usages of the technology. By installing a centralized application on the blockchain, we now have a more secure and anonymous cloud. By buying Ethereum, you are essentially investing in the infrastructure of this new Google / Microsoft / Apple type technology,

The entire crypto currency market has taken a big hit over the past few weeks as the community prepares for changes and adaptations to place. This has caused a lot of people who do not know the technology to get scared and bail out, selling their Bitcoin and Ethereum in a panic and bringing the price down.

I, believe in crypto currency like Ethereum and feel like it could reach $1000 by the end of the year. I got in at $10 earlier this year and have seen its price go as high as $420 this month. Right now it is trading around $150 and I highly recommend that you get in on this before the end of the month. The opportunity is just too great to ignore anymore. If you have been interested in buying Bitcoin, you should check out and set up an account. I would recommend buying all three available on there, bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin and holding on strong to them while the market is going through this confusion.