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Gilead Sciences Sovaldi Generic Version Available In Bangladesh For $10

|Includes: Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)

Incepta Pharmaceuticals will sell generic copies of Gilead's blockbuster drug Sovaldi in Bangladesh for $10 under the name Hopetavir

Gilead Sciences presently is the top most company in hepatitis C drug market. The company will witness its best seller drug Sovaldi, which is now selling at $10 as a standard version made in Bangladesh by Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd.

The generic version of hepatitis C drug by Incepta will be available for $900 for a course of 12 weeks by the name Hopetavir. The Company has previously been under criticism for charging high prices on its HCV drugs. Compared to old Hepatitis drug carrying an immense price of 86000 for 3 months treatment, Sovaldi is more effective. An update version of Sovaldi, Harvoni has been priced at $94500 for similar treatment time. This exclusive treatment were very expensive and not in the afford of patients suffering from Hepatitis C in developing countries. This high price scenario creates a path for the generic version of the drugs to help the low income patients to get treatment.

The American bio tech company in its attempt to extreme criticism regarding expensive HCV drugs has improved availability of its drugs in developing countries at reasonable rates. In India, Gilead has come into contract with many generic pharmaceutical companies, providing them license to produce cheap versions of its best selling drug Sovaldi to countries with low income like India, Cambodia, and Indonesia and in Africa. Number of companies having license by Gilead are Hetero Labs, Mylan Laboratories, Cipla Ltd and Ranbaxy Ltd. Earlier last week, the company enters into a deal with Natco Pharma -a Hyderabad based company permitting it to produce and sell Sovaldi generic version to the poor countries suffering from Hepatitis C. However, Natco has previously commenced its liver destroying virus generic version in Nepal. There are almost 150 million victims of liver destroying disease in the world; most of them belong to middle and low class.

Antique stock in Mumbai analyst Hitesh Mahida on his statement about the latest deal said, "The launch of generic Sovaldi will be competitive, but the market is huge in the countries covered by these licenses -- India, Egypt."

On the other hand, different from Gilead's licensed countries in approximately 12 countries, Incepta Ltd did not have any license from the company, as Bangladesh is least developed country in the world, id not looking to protect patents, as according to the WTO agreement. This seems simple for Incepta, which is on its way to hold American bi-tech Company's share of liver destroying virus in developing part of the earth.